Wells Fargo settles Ponzi scheme lawsuit for more than $3 million

Just tell me why no one realizes we were all treated like minorities and targeted as the majority of homeowners remain duped?! Just take a look at a couple of Wells Fargo patents.

Justice League

Thousands of victims — many of them working-class Haitian Americans from South Florida — are one step closer to receiving restitution for a Ponzi scheme that bilked them out of at least $30 million.

A federal judge on Friday approved the terms of a $3.175 million settlement between Wells Fargo Bank and a receiver appointed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to run the companies once owned by convicted scammer George Theodule.

The settlement came soon before a jury was expected to deliver its verdict after a 16-day trial.

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1 thought on “Wells Fargo settles Ponzi scheme lawsuit for more than $3 million

  1. Funny judge Cahill can say he read about certain cases and yet all these cases with Wells Fargo he does not read lolo.

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