What does Diane Feinstein want to ban now? More guns? Nope. Homemade soap.

What does Diane Feinstein want to ban now? More guns? Nope. Homemade soap. | AgainstCronyCapitalism.org.

This is how it’s done folks. Regulate your competition away. Enjoy fattened bottom lines courtesy of your sponsored politicians in Washington.

Of course consumers have fewer choices, overall quality is likely diminished, entrepreneurs go out of business, and employees lose jobs. But hey, it’s a crony world. You actually thought you’d get a fair shot? Ha! You’ve got a lot to learn my soap making friend.

(From Health Impact News)

The view of Sen. Feinstein and her corporate backers (listed below) is that the Personal Care Products Safety Act (Senate Bill S.1014) will make the world a safer place by scrutinizing “everything from shampoo and hair dye to deodorant and lotion.”

Companies and brands that support the bill:  Read MORE. http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org/2015/04/what-does-diane-feinstein-want-to-ban-now-more-guns-nope-homemade-soap/Diane Feinstein

The older they get the more ingrained in business influence they become. Term limits!

Natural laundry soapJust a tip from our personal collection – after reading the ingredients in some of the laundry detergents we used we searched for a more healthy approach to laundry the clothes we wear and sheets we sleep on. Now, this is a personal testimony and there are a number of different recipes available – but, so far this one was unbelievably good.

Didn’t even have to use fabric softener. Click HERE for the recipe. We used 2 cups of the liquid mixture for large loads and 3 cups for super size… but the difference, aside from the savings, is heavenly.

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