Do Bank Foreclosure Attorneys Believe in Karma?

By Sydney Sullivan

The stories you are about to read are relatively true with some poetic liberties, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. God took care of the guilty.

Karma comes from the Sanskrit word, karam, or action. The Law of Karma talks about the consequences of our actions. Or in other words, cause and effect. You may or may not call it karma, but for most of us, we have one of the following ideas already implanted.

  • You reap what you sow –
  • What goes around comes around –
  • You get what you give –
  • Life always come “full circle” –

How does this apply to bank foreclosure attorneys?

At the turn of the century, banks and the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) Fannie & Freddie got together and created intentionally slick, fundamentally corrupt non-traditional mortgage financial products designed, not for long term 30-year loans, but to create defaults and foreclosures. Even in their investment prospectuses, there were more warnings about how risky the venture was rather than how profitable and secure it was for the investors. Of course, American Homeowners received no such warning or disclosures – homeowners didn’t even know they were gambling their properties on Wall Street.

As the bankers scheme escalated foreclosures began to roll out like the snowball from hell. Foreclosure attorney firms were hired to deal with the homeowners after a nasty media smear campaign had ensued driving the fake message, “homeowners bought more than they could afford.” That was total BS.

This is how it played out – the bank solicited Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner and said, “your home and property are worth $600K. You are sitting on $400K equity – why not refinance and take some of that money and buy a 2nd home, a new car and/or a boat?” Sounds logical, right? Of course the banker adds, real estate values have been climbing steadily upward for the last 70 years.” Just in case the homeowners had any doubt.

American Homeowners didn’t know these banks are tied to Wall Street or that they could easily inflate (lie about) the appraisals. We used to trust our banks back then – but not for long.

And then Obama and his side kick Geithner created the HAMP scam. ‘Just call your servicer and get into the HAMP program to modify your loan’ we’ll help you out of your mess (because the economy was falling off the cliff). Homeowners called their servicers and were told to miss 3-4 payments in order to qualify for this special Obama HAMP program. That was the kiss of death. Once payments were missed, the bank put the homeowners in default and started foreclosure proceedings. No modification for you!

As the economy dropped into the toilet – so did the (fake) appraisal values of the homes and properties. Yeah, we all seem to forget that scenario.

The bank foreclosure attorneys all had the same traits – they were the embodiment of evil. Homeowners were harassed, belittled, smeared and lied to and about — not to mention the forged paperwork that was used to establish the bank’s standing to get away with foreclose.

45 million+ homeowner families either lost their property in foreclosure, had to short sale or just ended up walking away. Some families have been fighting the banks for nearly a dozen years. Imagine dealing with such evil for over a decade.

Foreclosure judges and legislators weren’t much better. Some mortgages miraculously disappeared. Some had mutual and hedge fund investments in Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) – actually shorting or betting against the homeowners. How could homeowners get a fair shake when the profitability of the judges’ financial and retirement investments hinged on the completed foreclosures of the very people trying to save their homes.

And then there are the snake in the grass foreclosure defense attorneys – that took tens of thousands of dollars from their homeowner clients and failed to follow judicial procedures, or failed to file timely appeals, briefs and/or even show up for court cases causing irreparable harm to the homeowners.

No, it hasn’t been an easy road for American Homeowners.

So, how do these bankers, attorneys and judges sleep at night? What happens to the bad guys? Some call it Karma. Some refer to it as Divine Intervention. Those that understand Karma believe nothing happens by coincidence. Give it up to God, don’t wish for negativity to happen – Trust in God. God is the personification of Ultimate Justice in the Universe. In other words, God, Justice, and Karma are all synonymous.

Here are some short Karma stories that have happened over the last 30 years. While some took years to culminate – patience is learned because karma isn’t always instantaneous. In fact, you’re more apt to see it when you stop looking for it and move on.

Attorney Case #1: Dick (not his real name) was seriously the embodiment of evil. He lied, cheated, lived to make the defendant’s life a living hell and whatever he had on the judges to this day we will never know. Dick was famous for his paper wars. He papered the defendant’s attorney to the point of exhaustion with weekly pleadings and discovery (always served on a Friday).

His work didn’t have to make sense – he wasn’t about truth, Dick’s paper wars were designed to push the defendant’s attorneys off the case. Dick was successful about 75% of the time. Day after day Dick ran over people like a Mac Truck. If you were to envision Satan as an attorney in a courtroom – that would be Dick.

I lost track of Dick for about 10 years and then one day, out of the blue there was a call from another attorney who said that Dick had died after a very long and painful battle with prostate cancer. Apparently, shortly after the encounter the defendant had with Dick, his law firm was disbanded and he was being pushed into great loss just like the many defendants whose lives he had made so miserable.

Attorney Case #2: Lex, the banker’s lead foreclosure attorney, ranks #1 as a supervillain. It’s doubtful he ever presented a case without forgeries all through it. Lex never provides the real promissory note and the judges just follow along as if under some super spell. The bank witnesses are overheard whispering to Lex, “you’ll protect me, right?” as they lie straight faced to the court. Lex knows the banks have no right to the defendant’s properties – but he gets paid to falsify documents and lie to the courts.

Grown men would breakdown and cry as Lex would hammer them on the witness stand tearing them apart and belittling them in front of their family and friends just to make them feel guilty for having taken a mortgage that was criminally sold to them. Lex would stare down at the defendants as the tears ran down their cheeks and then turn his back with a smug grin to sit at the Plaintiff’s table – so proud of himself. Unfortunately, most foreclosures don’t have jury trials (but since these are really securities and not traditional mortgages, maybe they should?). That devious salivating grin would definitely not play well with a jury. Lex had a long run – several years in fact. And then it all came crashing down. His law firm went bankrupt and last heard was being investigated.

Attorney Case #3: Albert was simply a crook with a law degree. He targeted wealthier clients and homeowners who had good income and valuable real estate – and boy, did Albert take advantage of them. Albert’s client retainers were usually high 5 figures without the comas or zeros.

Albert had some good cases, but he always seemed to screw them up. He failed to file briefs and timely appeals – but had no problem asking for more money. He’d get a semi-win on a case – but fail to follow through with an offensive move and let things sit, sometimes for years (really unnerving for the clients) and then the bank would strike again and so would Albert with another retainer contract to fight what should have been finished years ago.

Albert pushed his clients to continue to fight for a “free house” even when modifications were supposed to be presented by the bank attorneys – Albert never extended the modification offer to his clients. One client said after several years with Albert, “it was if Albert didn’t want to derail the gravy train. He knew if I had gotten a modification there would be no more retainer fees he could continue to collect.” Shortly after that conversation the client hired another attorney and achieved a modification within a few short weeks.

Albert’s modus operandi is best described as a Jenga Game – blocks stacked up pulling out one trick after another until the whole stack comes crashing down. Albert might as well have been working for the banks – maybe he was. After a myriad of complaining clients and serious health issues, Albert finally got disbarred.

Attorney Case #4: Chax, the quintessential despot, ran one of the largest foreclosure mills in the Midwest. Chax never met a forged document he wouldn’t use – mainly because most of them are known to be manipulated.

In order to achieve standing before the court – the Plaintiff must be able to prove it is a holder or owner of the legal note. This is loosely accomplished by a slick trick called “blank endorsements”. Yeah, that’s right – there is usually a “stamp” with a signature endorsed to a blank line. This stamp is usually a copier version inserted via computer on the documents and provided to the court – not a fresh stamp via a stamp pad and wet ink signature.

In many cases, to anyone with half a brain you can obviously see the stamp is a copied forgery and not the original. Just the hint that this could be a forgery should be enough for any judge to order an investigation and evidentiary hearing, especially since these promissory notes are part of government securities transactions that (in most cases) either the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and/or Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac have the ultimate rights to. Wouldn’t a forgery on a mortgage asset document be the same as counterfeiting an asset that our government related agencies had paid big bucks to buy and bailout the banks?

Think about it – let’s spend our tax dollars on buying thousands (if not millions) of fraudulently endorsed assets, yeah?

In the beginning, Chax didn’t have too many hiccups as not many foreclosure defense attorneys or homeowners knew how to fight these forgeries that the courts seemed so willing to adopt. But as time passed, social media and information grew, private investigators became adept at locating the fake signatories and homeowners’ determination grew stronger to expose the frauds. As in the Bible,

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, nor anything hid, that shall not be made known and come abroad.”

Luke 8:17

Chax was finally caught with his proverbial pants down in his own “fraud on the court” scheme. The illusive ‘name on the stamp’ (of many promissory notes) surfaced and knew nothing about endorsing promissory notes or “in blank” with stamps – in fact, the ‘name on the stamp’ endorsement had departed the company years before some of the mortgages were even originated. The stamped endorsement in blank was clearly a fraud. Oh Chax, the day of reckoning is upon you.

In each of these brief stories the attorneys caused their own Karma. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Some may never see the light. The Divine Laws of the Universe maintain whatever needs to happen will happen – we don’t have to push it to fruition. Those folks that attorneys negatively affected need to know that its not about the negative Karma, its about how they themselves react under the circumstances.

It doesn’t have to be bad Karma – you can fill your life with good Karma and learn the lessons from those that have wronged you.

“EVERYTHING you do in the present is always building for your future. And if you can do good enough in the present, you don’t need to worry about the future, because you’ll start to override the consequences of your past too!”

Special thank you to Spiritual Shenanigans for her special thoughts and Karma clarifications.

4 thoughts on “Do Bank Foreclosure Attorneys Believe in Karma?

  1. What is said is very true…
    However, I still lost my home of 35 years to the fraud.
    There is no statute of limitations on fraud… my understanding…
    I’m waiting for justice, instead of the Just-Ice I received.

  2. Yes great article. I have personal experience with vipers committing egregious fraud upon the court and egregious violations of discovery. Perjured declarations and vicious judges. As you know. GOD WILL BE THERE JUDGE IN THE END. KARMA!

  3. Great and sadly a true article .i am appearing pro se in NJ state court with a foreclosure which involves a forged mortgage note , and well there is a fight between the foreclosing bank and its servicer on who is even conducting the foreclosure action ! … aside from a conflict of “in its individual capacity ….and the bank claiming the complete opposite”

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