The Real Story Behind Wells Fargo Scandals

So the question of the day is this: After tallying all of the Wells Fargo scandals why would anyone, much less a judge, accept the facial validity of documents knowing that the source of those documents had engaged in a long-term pattern of conduct that involved falsifying documents?

Why would any judge not insist on actual proof instead of allowing Wells Fargo to make use of presumptions based upon the apparent credibility of documents?

Good questions. So Judge, you follow this – can you answer these questions honestly? Are you compromised? Is (or was) your own mortgage with Wells Fargo? Are you invested in “preferred” (betting against the American Homeowners) MBS?

Source: The Real Story Behind Wells Fargo Scandals

2 thoughts on “The Real Story Behind Wells Fargo Scandals

  1. Part of the answer lies here:
    Hawaii Employees slates $50 million for Cerberus real estate … › article › ONLINE › hawaii-employees-slates-50-…
    Sep 14, 2016 – Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System, Honolulu, committed up to $50 … and residential mortgage-backed securities, splitting its investments …The other part lies here!

  2. If the Hawaii judges or any state judge rules against the non mortgage non backed non securities they loose their pensions without going to court to save what they can so they throw the homeowners under the bus to conceal the fraud and to take their share of the ill gotten gains?

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