Capitalism is Not Failing

LivingLies: “Citing “capitalism” as a defense no assassin would be set free because he killed for money. Nobody in their right mind would accept a defense of capitalism for someone who robbed, poisoned, shot, stabbed, or stole from a person or company if the defense was “I did it for the money.” That’s not capitalism. It’s robbery, assault, murder or theft.
Politicians manipulate us with labels. The goal is not capitalism or money. The goal is a better life. Capitalism has proved better than other systems at achieving prosperity, strength, consistency and quality, but it hasn’t been perfect. Like all systems it needs to be fine tuned continuously to make sure we don’t fall back into a feudal systems where a few mega rich people have all the power and use it to get more power by subjugating the rest of us.”

Source: Capitalism is Not Failing

1 thought on “Capitalism is Not Failing

  1. Based on current results… It has failed miserably.
    When the rich/corporations and special interests and psychopaths write the laws, lie, cheat and steal from us all with no consequences? I would call this version a complete failure for most of U.S.
    We are closer to a fascist state/oligarchy. Greed is not good. Profits over the welfare of the planet, all life as we know it. Like I said. Psychopathic. ALL of our problems we are facing are business decisions. Polluters know they are polluting. Big pharma knows they are killing us. Big agra knows they are poisoning our food, both the inside and outside… also promoting the sale of food-like substances that are the root cause of many of the illnesses plaguing the planet. Our “un-health system” knows poisoning the body with chemo, cutting out organs, irradiating us until we glow in the dark actually CAUSES cancer…. and does not cure anything. All it does is fill the coffers of the “Industry” with lifetime patients. A pill for every symptom.
    Yes…. I have my opinions… Any comments? The above opinions make me ponder the “for-profit” paradigm… Can you see why?

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