Bank Games: “Attorney in Fact”

LivingLies: “The use of “attorney in fact” is merely a ruse in order to bridge gaps in the facial validity of documents being used in foreclosure. It also is used to create the illusion that the grantor owned the asset over which the power of attorney was granted. In plain language it is simply a paper trail to cover up the fact that there is no money trail. People often forget that these cases are supposed to be about money.

And don’t forget that the entire purpose of using the names of large banks is to give a judge the impression that certain large banks are involved in the loan when in fact they are not.”

This begs the question: “Are the judges just stupid or corrupt? Or both?”

Source: Bank Games: “Attorney in Fact”

3 thoughts on “Bank Games: “Attorney in Fact”

  1. Remember the CEO that asked what inning they were in? By the time they swap teams and play their games we wind up in the twelfth inning in court with these corrupt judges and corrupt lawyers striking out all our evidence to conceal the crime. They don’t just dismiss anymore they strike out all the evidence then dismiss. Game one first inning sell as many houses as they can at no limits or regulations then game two second inning do a fake securitization and fake lenders and add MERS to the Pot then two more MERSCORP and Mortgage Electronics Registration System to muddy up the water and conceal whom is on first and whom is on second and whom is on third, third inning, then fake file the trust for a few months to get these fake securitized loans on fake trust inning four, then end the trust without completeing the registration so the trust is on the web site list but does not really exist, inning four, then sell these fake PSA’s to the stock market and collect insurance and servicing fees and go to third base to collect the funds from the homes by fraud foreclosure and theft, money laundering due to a fake servicier and fake trustee and fake trust are taking us to the cleaners seizing our homes and property by inning five, robo signed prohibited documents with no legal contract mechanism to do so but hey the judges are bought so it works. Sixth inning promise help and get the borrowers into modifications from hell and make them apply as many times as possible to gain $1500.00 an application from the borrowers applications. Seventh inning, if your are not in foreclosure by now you should be so pull the rug out from under the borrower, after a few or more payments claiming these mod payments are partial payments therefore you are in foreclosure, and do not allow the borrower to pay on their mortgage to insure a default manufactured by the fake servicer whom had no authority to do the mod in the first place. Eight inning conceal whom really is the lender cause there is no lender after securitization. Try to bat a home run with a fake servicer. Fowl ball so then go ;to the fake trustee of a fake trust and use the trustees name which is prohibited as much as the fake assignments are. Claiming to be the lender and beneficiaries when they merely hold the note for the certificate holders whom gave up beneficiary status for REMIC status therefore cannot hold the note themselves and cannot sue. See Cashmere Valley Bank V WA Dept of Revenue. So claim the Trustee is suing for them. In the mean time send out letters to Cease and Desist doing this to coverup the money laundering. Then whom ever cheats the best and runs to home run base and gets a point assigns the mortgage to either Freddie and Fannie or to the fake Trustee. Lets see the game is getting hot now. The Trustee cannot foreclose the fake servicier is no the lender so cannot foreclose, the certificate holders are no longer lender and beneficiary status so and cannot hold the note to foreclose. So send in the corrupted lawyers to make false pleadings and false claims with forged notes and forged false assignments and pay off judges to take away our constitutional rights of due process and a trial by jury inviolate for the tenth inning, SMJ and dismiss our cases and send the Marshals during inning eleven, to throw the homeowners and their families into the streets along with our attorneys this corrupt system has disbarred or sanctions or suspended, and in the Twelfth inning take the funds from the homes and put it in the Camin Islands. Then to make sure this game is won easier change all the laws so the homeowners do not have a chance to protect their property. All while the crowd sleeps. Missing the game that will take them to the cleaners next. I am very worried about the future of all Americans whom are asleep and do not realize they will be next and will lose their homes and property to these cheating players. The American Dream is become the American Nightmare and the TWILIGHT ZONE. A HITCHCOCK PLAY AT ITS WORST!

  2. Here’ s letter from Wells Fargo stating there are no lenders after securitization. In Washington only the lender can foreclose. Then they make up lenders with false beneficiary declarations like the bill above.

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