Reference sheet for Forensic Examiners Seminar —“Lenders” that Died.

“Homeowners come to loan examiners for one purpose: to find a way to get relief from a deal that was probably not viable when it was made and is certainly not viable now. They are usually “behind” in their payments. Their accounts have been declared delinquent and notices of default have been sent and received. Phone calls, letters and even statutory requests under RESPA and FDCPA are routinely ignored.

So the homeowner is asking you “who am I really dealing with here and what can I do to get through to the real people who own my debt?” You probably can never answer that question because the answer is more theoretical than actual. But your investigation can arm them with the information they need to undercut the case against them. And THAT is how homeowners win cases against false claimants making false claims.

The fact that all the documents in all the loans are fabricated, forged and robosigned as distractions from the real facts does little to advance the position of your client. But you are not an advocate. You are a fact finder.”

Source: Reference sheet for Forensic Examiners Seminar —“Lenders” that Died.

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