It’s no surprise that states with the highest number of foreclosures and evictions have overwhelming homeless problems – why can’t politicians figure this out?! Click HERE and sign this petition for a MORATORIUM on foreclosures and STOP the banks from using our properties to prop up their institutions.

These were NOT traditional mortgages (NTMs = Non-Traditional Mortgages). They were unregulated securities transactions with flawed and fraudulent financial products, including inflated appraisals. Sold like stock options. STOP Rehypothecation and regulate Securitization.

Audit Fannie and Freddie before their release from Conservatorship. Where did their money come from and where did it go? How much of that money came from foreclosures and evictions from family homes?!

Tired of propping up the Federal Reserve with GSE mortgage-backed securities – that everyone knows are highly inflated? Your homes are the collateral used to maintain the Federal Reserve. Maybe it’s about time to back our money system with gold and/or silver instead of properties.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and action.






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