Tonight! Sanctions Against U.S. Bank, N.A. Expected

“Plaintiff’s attorneys in this case have avoided for many months on behalf of their Bank or Trust client providing already overdue documents violating previous discovery time frames and associated orders. The Judge in this case is demanding the production of certain documents, and the scheduling and directing of several depositions of Plaintiff-related executives, including executives from Nationstar.”

Thursdays LIVE! Click in to the Neil Garfield Show Tonight’s Show Hosted by Charles Marshall and Bill Paatalo Call in at (347) 850-1260, 6pm Eastern Thursdays It’s not so easy to ascertain the name of the Plaintiff in foreclosure cases, where the Plaintiff is named as “U.S. Bank as trustee for XYZ Trust.” But the sanctions that…

Source: Tonight! Sanctions Against U.S. Bank, N.A. Expected

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