Boarding Process is a Legal Fiction

EXHIBIT A: “1. Plaintiff, Ditech Financial, LLC (“Ditech”), formerly Greentree Servicing LLC, appears to have willfully violated this Court’s order to produce training manuals. The training manual produced on November 16, 2017, now appears to show that Ditech’s standard business practice does not verify prior servicer’s records for accuracy before boarding loans.

2. The training manual produced appears to show that Ditech’s witness, Christopher Ogden (“Mr. Ogden”), gave false testimony in an effort to introduce the prior servicer’s records into evidence under false pretenses.

3. On June 28, 2017, Mr. Ogden appeared for deposition, gave evasive and incomplete answers, and refused to turn over training materials upon which he relied to give his testimony about the loan boarding process and the creation of business records to be submitted in
evidence at trial under the business records exception to the hearsay rule…”

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Here is a case in which the court ordered certain parties and witnesses and lawyers to show cause why they shouldn’t be held in criminal contempt for lying to the court about the boarding process.

I don’t have time to do more than tell you to read it if your case involves DiTech, Greentree or Ocwen.

Notable reference: more than 1.4 million boarded loans at Ocwen with no checking for errors.

see 2017_11_20-Order-to-Show-Cause-Why-Ditechs-Witness-and-Ditechs-Atty-Should-not-be-Held-in-Indirect-Criminal-Contempt-of-Court

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1 thought on “Boarding Process is a Legal Fiction

  1. The fraud and con games are apparently embedded within the courts causing the courts to be crime scenes. The fraud entities and con artist lawyers coming after the mortgages. Political biased judges ruling by bank law and disregarding the constitution and our property rights. The county deeds of records departments in every county having recorded fraudulent VOID records is a felony the judges turn a blind eye to. This appears to be organized crime at every peel of the onion to take the wealth and property at the con artist wishes. RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED . So obvious when you watch the Kavanaugh allegations to keep him from being a Constitutional judge. The cons will go to any length at any cost to keep their con games going and to seek power through the judicial system. Such a crime we are living in dangerous appears to me to be a political hit job against Americans period.

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