Pay Attention! Look at the money trail AFTER the foreclosure sale

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My confidence has never been higher that the handling of money after a foreclosure sale will reveal the fraudulent nature of most “foreclosures” initiated not on behalf of the owner of the debt but in spite of the the owner(s) of the debt.

It has long been obvious to me that the money trail is separated from the paper trail practically “at birth” (origination). It is an obvious fact that the owner of the debt is always someone different than the party seeking foreclosure, the alleged servicer of the debt, the alleged trust, and the alleged trustee for a nonexistent trust. When you peek beneath the hood of this scam, you can see it for yourself.

Real case in point: BONY appears as purported trustee of a purported trust. Who did that? The lawyers, not BONY. The foreclosure is allowed and the foreclosure sale takes place. The winning “bid” for…

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1 thought on “Pay Attention! Look at the money trail AFTER the foreclosure sale

  1. And so i said all along look at the county appraisal district records after foreclosure. If Bank of New York Mellon is owner of record Google address. It is not address to BONY. It goes back to servicer’s. Also, their record will be removed from history after sell of property. A new MIN number is created and goes to a different Trust that new homebuyer is never made aware of . Liars property is never auctioned. Auctioneer or substitute trustee who signed these documents and Notaries who notarize Substitute Deeds need to be jailed too. Bank of America CEO needs to be jailed.

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