Why Zombie Houses? Local government budget deficits

Too expensive to maintain or resell? Think logically. How about the fact they can’t sell the property because they do NOT have clear title which makes another sale a liability? Even a tear down is saleable for a price – and let’s face it – “something” is better than nothing. But selling something you don’t legally own and delivering bad paper might be considered criminal. Selling properties within the syndicate (GSEs) is not the same as to the general public. Judges should get their heads wrapped around this.

Fannie and Freddie, under the FHFA federal government agency, are standing outside the foreclosure courts while plaintiff banks and servicers fake foreclosures and sales to “sell” them [back] to the GSEs. Astute judges know the foreclosure paperwork, bank affidavits and declarations are flawed – just as the banks, their attorneys and GSEs do. Does this meet the Conscious Avoidance standard? Google the criminal standard.

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The appearance of zombie homes and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of them thus destroying entire neighborhoods and subdivisions illustrates a fundamental truth about the foreclosure tidal wave that hit in 2007-2008: the banks didn’t care about the property, they just wanted the record to reflect a foreclosure sale. This alone represents probative evidence that the banks, pretending to act as intermediaries, were actually players in an illegal scheme wherein they were working against both investors and borrowers.

Local governments have been missing the mark in nearly every case. Instead of challenging the lenders as having committed multiple violations of state, county and municipal law including initiating false foreclosures forcing the burden of loss onto the restricted budget of local governments, they are following in the footsteps of pretender lenders and foreclosing on their tax liens, from which they gain nothing in most cases. Were they confront the banks…

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