URGENT! Washington Homeowners Demand Governor Inslee reject Bill 2057 NOW!

We all need to be active – All across the USA.. Every legislator ought to have a copy of David Dayen’s Chain of Title! https://www.amazon.com/Chain-Title-Americans-Uncovered-Foreclosure/dp/1620971585

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By J. Guggenheim, LendingLies


The Washington State Legislature is one vote away from making changes to Bill  2057 that would be detrimental to homeowners.  The changes would clear the way for anyone, without proof, to claim to be in possession of a promissory note, and to make it a slam-dunk to foreclosure non-judicially.

The state of Arkansas masterminded this type of non-judicial rule, that allows complete strangers in nice suits, and in possession of well photo-shopped documents to waltz into court and claim ownership.  If this bill is passed, the servicer will provide doctored prima facie evidence consisting of a fabricated mortgage note, fake assignment(s) and even a perjured or deceptive affidavit from a servicer to establish the right to foreclose.

This bill will pave the way for banks to commit massive fraud with the homeowner having no defenses until after their home is foreclosed by a stranger who…

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2 thoughts on “URGENT! Washington Homeowners Demand Governor Inslee reject Bill 2057 NOW!

  1. Thank you for posting Virginia. It is apparent in my opinion that our government is involved in a huge cover up that the authentic notes do not exist. The laws the senators and legislators are producing enables the flat out theft of our property with no documents.
    I personally fought this in the senate with several other homeowners. This is the rule that helped the beneficiary declaration to commit fraud to steal the house that has no note.

    If you click on the link to the video of the senate on this article you will see the attorney for the bansters association telling the senate that if they did not pass this bill that allows this declaration they the senators would never beable to sell their houses it just wont happen that it is due to the securitization of the laons. So the attorney for the bankster association made it clear that if they did not pass a law to commit common fraud on a declaration knowing the authentic notes do not exist they would not be able to sell a house and that also would stop the foreclosures was my argument but I I humbugged. So the senate passed a bill knowing they would be committing common fraud. https://deadlyclear.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/mr-potter-and-the-state-of-washington-legislate-no-need-for-original-note-just-take-the-land-bye-bye/https://deadlyclear.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/mr-potter-and-the-state-of-washington-legislate-no-need-for-original-note-just-take-the-land-bye-bye/
    I am the one who ordered the transcript done of Stu Hulsan. I can get a certified transcript and Helmut has a certified transcript.

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