Fannie & Freddie Repackage Defective Loans and sell them to Naive Investors.

Unfortunately, the investors are not naive. This is basically paper laundering. It has to stop because it is attached to fraudulent documents coast to coast.

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By J. Guggenheim/Lendinglies staff

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have separately announced sales of non-performing loans this week.   Offsetting these toxic mortgage securities target smaller investors, including nonprofits and minority- or women-owned businesses who can’t afford to take the hit when they realize they bought defective repackaged securities the big lenders now avoid.

In 2017, through both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Treasury guaranteed 70% of all new mortgage lending. The taxpayer’s total exposure to housing is unfathomable, at over $6trn, or 30% of GDP, but it is hidden off the government’s balance-sheet. Reform is long overdue but until then- keep repackaging defective merchandise and selling it off to the highest bidder.

    The Senate Banking Committee, is considering a draft proposal to replace them with multiple privately capitalized firms, whose equity holders would suffer first during any slump. The government would maintain an insurance fund, supported by fees…

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1 thought on “Fannie & Freddie Repackage Defective Loans and sell them to Naive Investors.

  1. So sick and tired of hearing about all of the supposedly illegal practices banks are getting away with, and yet there is nothing people like you are doing about galvanizing people like me who have had little legal recourse ,and have fallen victim to everything you constantly write about. The students in Florida know how to have a nationwide protest. Why can’t homeowners organize against the banks, legislatiure, and these untouchable Judges who ignore the law; along and lawyers who work for banks, Enough talk. Enough information. It’s time for action!! I

    L Rhoades

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