Christiana Trust/Wilmington Savings Crash and Burn on Standing and More

“Times they are a changin’…”

This is paper laundering (same as money laundering) trying to confuse the true ownership identity, a faulty chain of title and failures to properly & physically transfer the paperwork – and in most cases, you will find Fannie or Freddie concealed in the background calling the shots as the ultimate investor.

Plaintiffs should have to sign an affidavit that this loan was a final SALE, not a pledge, nor participation in rehypothecation and that no underlying agreements have been executed in relation to this loan and other parties at any time. It should be a federal crime to conceal the true ownership of the debt or to participate in a paper laundering scheme devised to create fraud on the court.

Fannie and Freddie have allegedly sold loans in bulk to 3rd parties (likely to get the debt off their books and create an image of healthy corporations). Where are the assignments? And what are the underlying agreements? How much of the sale that the third party recovers do the GSEs collect? Is it a case of, “here’s the loan mortgage schedule – whatever you sell Fannie gets X%” and the 3rd party pays the legal fees rather than buy the loans outright for value?

Everything else they do is crooked – why would this be any different?

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Florida 4th DCA Opinion:

In this mortgage foreclosure case, the underlying mortgage was passed around like the flu, giving rise to a complexity of ownership that frustrated the appellee’s attempts to demonstrate standing at trial. To the answer brief, the appellee attached a chart of the ownership lineage of the mortgage and note, with different types of arrows pointing in all directions, a valiant effort which demonstrated that the transfer history here defies pictorial representation.

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