What you don’t know could hurt you: Google censoring documents for the Banks?

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Chung v. CitiMortgage Fraud

By J. Guggenheim

Today, while researching an old CitiMortgage case where an employee committed perjury and CitiMortgage admitted to document fabrication (entitled Sun Ae Chung v. Just Mortgage Inc., Federal Home Loan Mortgage and CitiMortgage) the case disappeared and was no longer available.  This time last year, the case was readily available on three separate links that google immediately located,  but today the case was no longer available with a general google search.  Luckily, years ago I had copied the links, and downloaded the case- or I might never have found it.

This isn’t the first time while researching a lender, especially CitiMortgage and Bank of America, where cases, documents and county records have disappeared from google.  It is evident that the banks are unduly influencing google to remove any document that could adversely impact one of the big banks or assist a homeowner.

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