Wells Fargo faces lawsuits over mortgage and auto loans

Justice League

(Reuters) – Wells Fargo & Co is facing litigation over previously disclosed sales problems related to its auto lending and mortgage businesses, the bank disclosed in a regulatory filing on Friday.

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1 thought on “Wells Fargo faces lawsuits over mortgage and auto loans

  1. Why is Wells Fargo even still in business. Their greedy brokers were caught red handed here in Baltimore peddling subprime mortgages to minorities and others that would have otherwise qualified for traditional fixed rate mortgages. For the uninformed – subprime loans pay a higher broker fee than traditional loans. So when the ‘crisis’ hit people found out that subprime loans were nearly impossible to get modified because doing so would have opened up a can of worms as far as WF was concerned. Their crimes and fraud would have been uncovered when a second pair of legitimate eyes looked at the loan paper work. People (and I am one of them) lost homes. I not only lost my home, I lost ancestral water front property, my 401k and my dignity. Wells Fargo like Bank of America is still on every corner here in Baltimore. I makes me sick!

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