There is an overall system in place designed with intentional fraud on the court and necessity for liquidity. The MBS computer software / financial products are not designed for 30 yr mortgages. Securitized trusts need liquidity for pension funds to be able to invest. Nothing has changed since ringleaders’ GSE conservatorship except ramping up wrongful foreclosures to feed the Treasury to prop up Obamacare. Servicing shifts are part of this process and all of it needs a criminal investigation and complete, detailed audit.

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By Patricia Rodriguez, Esq.

Nothing in this article is meant to be construed as legal advice; there is no attorney-client relationship that is being created. This is for general education purposes only. 

After years of litigating against alleged lenders, investors, servicers, and foreclosure trustee’s we are starting to see a clear trend of the servicing rights being transferred upon receiving a complete loan modification application. What is an alleged lender – this is usually the party that claims to have funded the original loan or the originator.

The alleged investors are those who claim to have received an ownership interest in the loan through an assignment and endorsements or multiple assignments and endorsements. The foreclosure trustee in non-judicial foreclosure states such as California are entrusted with overseeing the foreclosure…

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