Default, Foreclosure and the impact on physical and mental health function

Certainly, the Obama administration didn’t see or care about any studies – nor has Congress. It’s about time they stop using the American citizens as their petty cash machine. FREE the GSEs!

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By K.K. MacKinstry/LendingLies Blog

Neuroscientists have concluded that chronic stress and cortisol damage the brain.  Although there are no formal studies to date on the health ramifications of default, prolonged litigation, and post-foreclosure trauma, it would be safe to conclude that people who are exposed to chronic stress over an extended period of time are prone to mental issues like anxiety and mood disorders as well as physical illnesses.  The most common mental disorders in protracted litigation are post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression that unfortunately result in altered brain structure and chemistry.

The majority of people who sue their servicer will face a hostile judiciary and an intimidating legal system with procedural obstacles at every turn.  The homeowner will exist in an unresolved state of existence for years or decades and are thus prone to both mental and physical health consequences.

I have been fighting a servicer for 14…

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1 thought on “Default, Foreclosure and the impact on physical and mental health function

  1. I can tell you what it feels like. It feels like a black hole. Like your life was worth nothing and is worth nothing!


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