Injured by Ocwen? Take Action Now!

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By K.K. MacKinstry

Ocwen has admitted that its mortgage servicing policies and loan processing systems are a “trainwreck”.  As regulators and the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau (CFPB) tighten the noose on Ocwen, we recommend that Livinglies readers who have experienced issues with Ocwen contact their state Attorney General offices, the CFPB, state banking regulators and government representatives to express your outrage and share your experience NOW.

Although Ocwen is being investigated for predatory servicing practices, please make regulators aware of the deeper level of fraud that is occurring and consists of fabricating and forging loan instruments including notes and assignments.  If you have been subjected to any of Ocwen’s tactics that push homeowners into default please provide this information to the aforementioned agencies.

The regulators found that Ocwen manipulates escrow accounts to create defaults and problems with taxes and insurance, does not respond accurately to submitted Qualified Written Requests, fails…

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1 thought on “Injured by Ocwen? Take Action Now!

  1. The homeowners should never of had to sue under all the evidence of fraud, identity theft, securities crimes etc etc. It is the job of leo to take the criminal reports and DA’s to prosecute, show us one darn case in the country where a DA did this for a homeowner? We have cases of homeowners prosecuted for filing documents to protect their title but not any for SPS Ocwen Quality Loan Servicing BofA Nationstar Recontrust etc etc oh, dont forget Bank of New York Mellon And Wells Fargo, Chase…good heavens the list is long and after millions of fictitious foreclosures it is enough with these temporary orders and settlements. END FICTITIOS FORECLOSURES, RETURN HOMES LAND AND LIVES, PAY DAMAGES AND SHUT DOWN ALL THE THEFT OF US CITIZENS COLB ACCOUNTS AT THE FED WINDOW. We are the Principal Secured Parties, time to pay up and prosecute…and if public servants wont do their duty then prosecute them too! The judicial system has helped in RICO of the highest order..time to get this overwith.

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