Congress wants to hear from YOU! How has Dodd-Frank affected you?

Rep Hill – Read my blog. Dump Dodd-Frank and watch the banks fail. It’s merely a crutch the banks and Fed use for why they can’t succeed…laughable. Get your money out of Wall Street and let ’em go. Then reinstate Rep Gabbard’s NEW and IMPROVED Glass-Steagall.

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Below is a letter from Arkansas Congressman French Hill, a whip at the House Financial Services Committee.  Hill is interested in writing a bill that actually empowers the consumer and small lenders including credit unions called the Financial Choice Act.

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Subject line: “Dodd-Frank Anecdote.”

Dear Friends,

Much of my professional life was spent in banking, with the last 15 years spent running a community bank in Little Rock. It was here that I saw first-hand the damaging effects the Dodd-Frank Act had on smaller banks and the customers who had traditionally come to us seeking capital and access to credit. In part, this is what inspired me to seek public office and use my 30-plus years in the banking industry to provide sound input in creating financial regulations that make sense for the American people.

At our bank, our primary customers were small business…

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