1 thought on “In a joint statement, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren scorch Trump’s Treasury secretary as ‘hypocrisy at its worst’

  1. Where’s our bail out? After Angelo Mozilo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelo_Mozilo
    Net worth 600 million -Since Countrywide was listed on the NYSE in 1984, Mozilo sold $406 million worth of its stock, mostly obtained through stock option grants. $129 million of this was realized in the 12 months ending August 2007.[3] Then he goes on to get bail out funds I think are the largest in History like 100 million dollars and his fine of 67 million for cooking books and no jail time…it’s not fair. No one went to jail for these argegosus crimes against the consumers. If we the people committed just one crime against someone we do jail time and we don’t get millions. How is this justice and now Trump, wants to take away the Dodd Frank Act? I’m concerned now who he is gonna make America great again for? Looks like the Banks when no matter what…URG, same old same old? SHOW the Home owners the Original NOTES in blue ink.

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