Guest post: the foreclosure vote

Working in foreclosure defense across the country it was easy to see the correlation of Trump states with securitization corruption. It was amazing to watch an entire year of campaign speeches and never once hear from either side about Wall Street foreclosure corruption. Not one debate question asked about a subject at the very core of our economic decline.

Over 72 million homes were MERS marked for a national registry that ultimately leads to another globalization plan. 72 million homes = over 140 million Americans whose properties, whether they know it yet or not, have been compromised by undisclosed securitization securities transactions and rehypothecation. Let’s face it – HAMP is just another failed Obama program. See

However, it’s not surprising that the main street media, like CNN, slanted reporting when its top institutional inventors include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon, State Street, Blackrock and other fine Wall Street Hillary supporting entities…see … not to mention the fact that George Soros makes major donations to broadcast and cable companies.

No doubt Mr. Soros is well-versed in fraudulent foreclosures as he stood in the wings ready to take over IndyMac Bank after Senator Schumer just happened to express his concerns about the bank. Small world, yeah?

With that said it becomes more apparent why the media and left-wing globalists don’t like Steve Bannon as he has expressed his Wall Street securitization views:

“And I think that’s incredibly important and something that would really become unmoored. I can see this on Wall Street today — I can see this with the securitization of everything is that, everything is looked at as a securitization opportunity. People are looked at as commodities. I don’t believe that our forefathers had that same belief.”

There is not a knowledgeable homeowner in foreclosure that wouldn’t agree with Mr. Bannon’s securitization opinion.


This is a guest post by Tom Adams, who spent over 20 years in the securitization business and now works as an attorney and consultant and expert witness on MBS, CDO and securitization related issues.

I don’t expect anyone to really come up with the perfect explanation for why Clinton lost and Trump won the presidential election.  But I do spend some time looking at these maps:


The first map is from RealtyTrac, and indicates the states with the largest foreclosure inventory in 2012. The second is a map of the key battleground states. In 2008 and 2012, Obama won these states. In 2016 Clinton lost them. There’s a lot of similarities between those two maps.

Even in the best economic environment, residential mortgage foreclosure is a long, messy process. The massive wave of foreclosures that hit these regions after the financial crisis had enormous consequences economically. They also…

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2 thoughts on “Guest post: the foreclosure vote

  1. The bloodsucker banks intentionally wipe out the middle class; and the important matter is the FORECLOSURES ARE TARGETED PEOPLE WHO ARE ABOUT 60 YEAR OLD PEOPLE.
    This is un-discriminatively against the elderly, and wipe out all their savings, because if those people paid off their mortgage, then the banks can’t get their “income” anymore.

    Wish there is a class action law suite against those bloodsuckers!
    I’m sorry, I am mad, and sad using some words with my feeling towards the bloodsuckers…

  2. “I don’t expect anyone to really come up with the perfect explanation for why Clinton lost and Trump won the presidential election.”

    It’s really pretty simple: 1) Hillary, the Democrat Nat’l. Committee (DNC) & the left-wing “mainstream media” (MSM) took way too many voters for granted — they believed there was a “blue firewall” of States Hillary would win automatically. But those are States she lost, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & probably Michigan too (final vote count isn’t in yet). 2) Hillary, the DNC & the MSM also assumed that “swing” States like Florida, & North Carolina would go to Hillary — wrong again. They also thought she could win Georgia, but she didn’t have a prayer there. 3) The pollsters & the MSM were way off & the MSM’s daily reports that Hillary was way ahead in the polls kept many Democrats from voting — why bother? The polls say she’s going to win anyway. 4) Hillary, the DNC & the MSM did not get the “It’s the economy, stupid” memo & 5) they didn’t believe there was such a thing as a “Silent Majority”. Ooops.

    Obviously I’m thankful for the way it turned out, as Mr. Trump & the administration he’s forming will give Washington, D.C. (District of Criminals) the major shakeup it so badly needs & Hillary is the biggest criminal, lair & hypocrite who ever ran for the presidency. Her statements & conduct, especially with respect to Libya, shows she’s a warhawk & she’d get the U.S. in a war with Russia.

    About 70% of the population believed the country was heading the wrong direction & a huge number of people who don’t like Mr. Trump, even hate him, realized that Hillary would be more of the same — gridlock in Congress, getting even deeper involved in the Middle East, and continue economic policies that clearly don’t work. 94 million Americans out of work, the highest number ever (forget the fake unemployment numbers — they only count people on unemployment comp. or who have filed for it — people who’s benefits have run out are not counted) and the Obama Admin. is the only one to never see economic growth of @ least 3%. There was @ least one year of economic growth of @ least 3% under every other administration we’ve ever had — but Hillary wanted to continue Obama’s failed policies.

    If you want to boil Hillary Clinton’s loss down to one single thing it would be this: if you really want to hurt someone, hit ’em in the wallet. Brag about all the new taxes you’re going to impose after 8 years of the economy moving along like a snail, people losing jobs & homes every day, and believe that you in the “elite” class know more than the stupid little peons & serfs out there in “flyover” America. The liberal elite are in Washington, D.C. the northeast, in big cities & on the west coast — and according to them everyone else is of no importance.

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