Game changer: California investigating Wells Fargo for identity theft

About time!! Homeowners haven’t had privacy since the turn of the century securitization.

Justice League

A group of senators is already asking the Department of Justice to use a new policyto target individuals at Wells Fargo for corporate misconduct (and maybe even more) in the wake of the fake account scandal surrounding the bank.

The senators’ push for prosecution seems to focus mainly on the executives at Wells Fargo, including departed CEO John Stumpf, for their roles in setting up and overseeing an incentive program that led to the bank’s employees setting up millions of fake accounts in consumers’ names in order to get sales bonuses.

But the state of California is making a move that could lead to a whole new world of hurt for Wells Fargo, its current and former executives, and the 5,000 former employees who opened the fake accounts.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, which has been all over this scandalsince the beginning

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1 thought on “Game changer: California investigating Wells Fargo for identity theft

  1. Hilarious–Understand the heist of our identities has been going on for over 80 years. The same people they claim are going after them are the same who authorize the theft of everything any us or our families have or ever could work to earn.

    None of this is by accident! What the hell are we wasting our time for! We don’t need more jobless or homeless people. People need these fucking judges to act with the fiduciary responsibility their suppose to use when signing valid orders. NOT MANUFACTURED FRAUD!

    i ALWAYS have heard a saying “One for All!” All for one!” I was always taught to stay out of court unless it was absolutely necessary. I feel very fortunate to have people willing to assist me with millions possibly billions of dollars to do banking transactions. Yet when the shit hits the fan and you try to make sure you can make an income to support yourself and help others you do things people in the legal arena don’t like.

    You sue federal judges to make a dam statement. Fuck this shit! Show PROOF OF OWNERSHIP WELLS FARGO PROVED THEY COULDN’T. Isn’t it interesting the man my uncle was a miner for was over the 1st holding co in the country and once upon a time worked for Wells Fargo! lets cut thru the line of bullshit. If you or your family ever had money and they can figure out a way to keep you like Dorothy in Oz away from it they will. Forget what your trying to do to help millions their attitude is to FUCK OVER EVERY AMERICAN! SCUM BAG ATTORNEY’S SUCK!

    “THE Money” from the “Union” Side of the “Civil War” has all been stolen along with our identities! Unless somehow they didn’t steal your family heritage! In my case they have and this is a doozy. # # The Hollywood Sideshow # American Gold Never Gone! A True life Living Legend! And til I’m dead they can eat shit and die!

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