Lawsuit: ‘Criminal Epidemic’ Put Wells Fargo Employee’s Retirement Plans at Risk

Oh pleeeze, WF – did you really think your retirement was ever really there? Scandal or no scandal – the money doesn’t exist. Welcome to reality.

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An attorney representing a Wells Fargo employee told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the bank’s “rampant scandals” may’ve cost his client and countless others a stable retirement. That lawyer filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Wells Fargo late last week on behalf of client Francesca Allen.

The lawsuit, filed in Minnesota, comes weeks after regulators found that Wells Fargo employees had secretly created millions of unauthorized accounts, without their customers knowing it, since 2011. It alleges that the “criminal epidemic was created by Wells Fargo’s senior executives,” and in doing so, attorney Adam Levitt argues that bank executives put their employee’s retirement plans at risk because their plans are largely tied to Wells Fargo stock.

“For Wells Fargo and its executives to knowingly hurt their employees the way that they have in this respect and others is simply reprehensible,” said Levitt, the head of Consumer Protection and Product Liability Litigation at…

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2 thoughts on “Lawsuit: ‘Criminal Epidemic’ Put Wells Fargo Employee’s Retirement Plans at Risk

  1. When your boss tells you to commit a crime it is time to quit your job and find a real one. This sickens me. Now they are worried about their retirements?! They are apparently accomplices in a conspiracy to commit a crime on vulnerable client, with blood on their hands. They did not know their bosses were telling them to commit crimes harming of others? HUMBUG! These people are not victims in my opinion they had choices to make and made the wrong choice like all criminals who steal from others to profit.

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