Sen. Elizabeth Warren raved about David Dayen’s book Chain of Title

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From Elizabeth Warren facebook:

Elizabeth Warren

I was on a plane recently, waiting to get off when the guy in the row in front of me turned around and said, “You look a lot like Elizabeth Warren.” (I get that a lot.) He laughed when I told him I was, and he said he was a big fan (always nice to hear). But then he paused and said he didn’t think that I should be so angry with the big banks. I told him: “The truth is, I AM angry.” And then, because I’d just read it, I added: “And if you read David Dayen’s new book, you will be too.”

Chain of Title is a careful documentation of the mortgage fraud at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis, and the story of how three people fought back. If you’re looking for a…

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1 thought on “Sen. Elizabeth Warren raved about David Dayen’s book Chain of Title

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    Anyone knows how can I get help please?

    Thank you,


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