Eerie Photos Explore Homes Abandoned in the Housing Crisis

Moral decay stems on Wall Street…

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Five years ago, as a journalism student at Florida International University, Nicole Taylor-Lang began thinking of ways to flesh out her photography portfolio. She didn’t have to look far: Only a block from her Greenacres home in Palm Beach County, she found the first subject of what would become a years-long passion project.

It was a white and beige house with boarded-up windows and a chimney shooting out of one corner. The yard was overgrown with weeds, and it looked like no one had lived there in several years.

“It had a very Little House on the Prairie feel,” Taylor-Lang says. “That house I call my baby. All of a sudden, it just started intriguing me, [these] abandoned properties.”

Since then, Taylor-Lang has traveled South Florida photographing empty homes and businesses to document the aftermath of the housing crisis, which continues to scar the landscape nearly eight years after it began. Some…

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