The Script: Ocwen Lawyer Spoon-Fed Foreclosure Questions and Answers to Robo-Witnesses

I have yet to read a transcript where ANY bank witness has personally entered the homeowner information into the computer. With the unlimited access, both at the keyboard and behind the curtain, any information can and is many time corrupted and unaccountable. We know MERS was inaccurate and given a clear picture of the operation of a servicers’ platform – meaning depose the company IT manager or minion – you’ll find out how many breakdowns, changes and patches the systems encounter. Is the data accurate? Highly unlikely – and more likely to have experienced a few glitches over the years.

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Ocwen“My conclusion is that it’s pretty clear—from what she’s saying and the document that she attaches—that they’ve been doing what I’ve been saying they were doing all along: telling clients want to say. These are listed out for the attorneys to ask the witness, and the answers that the witness needs to give are right there. I find that to be extremely telling. It’s exactly what we thought was going on. When they talk about training of the witness, they’re teaching them what to say at trial, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not.”

Editor’s Note: Head over to for the rest of this excellent expose on the coaching of Bank robo-witnesses.

Ocwen Lawyer Spoon-Fed Questions and Answers to Robo-Witnesses

Excerpted from @ The DBR

Note: The article from the DBR is about a year old…

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