One American’s True Story: “How I Went From Middle Class To Homeless”

Too bad the politicians don’t understand that construction, construction manufacturing, housing and labor were 2 big fat tires on the old truck of the economy that have been flatten by the corruption of the Wall Street securitization Ponzi scheme and melted our economy. The truck isn’t going to be moving anytime soon because when the tires blew out it took with it an entire generation of construction companies and workers who were headed for retirement… Retirement – that’s a joke, yeah?

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2 thoughts on “One American’s True Story: “How I Went From Middle Class To Homeless”

  1. The crime reaches far beyond these jobs to most of our jobs incomes businesses, and retirements , and yes what a joke. Most can not retire to make ends meet now. Realtors have been crushed. Many of my clients were realtors and they were the first to lose their homes. it trickled down to all of us in one way or the other and if not now it will later on.,

  2. I often wonder what if the great depression had not happened? How much better off most American families would have been if that had not happen? It effects our children for generations to come. There inheritance was taken by the banks.

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