Merrill Lynch Whistleblowers Who Sold Clients Notes That Lost 95% And Then Moved To UBS Took Out Some Insurance First (Recorded Incriminating Calls With A Superior)

Justice League

Deal Breaker:

Have you recently sold a product to clients that basically lost all of its value? Do you want to do something to help your investors but have received some pushback from management? Consider taking the following steps:

  • Get your boss on the phone and get him talking about how he knows the investment is a real dog but doesn’t want to make a big deal of it; have a recording device secretly running the whole time
  • Secure a gig at another bank
  • Once you’ve settled in at the new shop, file a whistleblower complaint against your former employer
  • Profit!

The Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing a civil enforcement case against Merrill Lynch over an investment that fell as much as 95% in value and was marketed in a way that one of the firm’s financial advisers called “borderline crooked,” people close to the probe said…With clients complaining after…

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