Consumer Foreclosure: Lawyers May Need to Tread Lightly

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Jackson v ING Bank, FSB (In re Jackson), 545 B.R. 62 (Bankr. D. Mass 1916)

A chapter 13 debtor sued a mortgagee’s law firm asserting various claims based on the firm’s attempts to exercise remedies in connection with a defaulted mortgage loan, including wrongful foreclosure, breach of contract, deceit and misrepresentation, and violation of a bankruptcy discharge injunction and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The debtor also objected to the mortgagee’s proof of claim.

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1 thought on “Consumer Foreclosure: Lawyers May Need to Tread Lightly

  1. I guess being a tax paying layman honest public provider for my family….. I JUST WOKE UP IN OCT 2015 after I see a post on Zillow. Honestly everything i have been brainwashed to believe is a LIE. Kind of like yes Sandra SANTA CLAUSE AND THE EASTER BUNNY are real and COME TO ARE HOUSE.Now IM not 8 Im 52 I think. JUST YESTERDAY I was tould the bankers are sleeping with are goverment .So im wondering if are lawyers are s— the judges I know the two lawfirms I have payed act dumb like a fox .Since then Ive learned a lot…. FIRST thing was how to get into country records not to hard But let me say theres shit in there that isn’t right Ive learned how to tweet I think,and somehow managed to become a lin member I think its for college and master really smart people I have learned we have real American HEROS were I live NORMAN SIRACK he wrote a true story.I meet EDGAR I .Don’t waste your hard earned money on a lawyer/ Don’t tell the truth…..this is all fictional.And lie and say your sorry for something you never did.Listen to what others say about you in there lies Im a beadbeat homeowner Never Never say the F word that is not allowed to be said by taxpaying layman public.Now if your a lawyer you can say you reprecent/fight FRAUDmortgage (you have permission to advertise a little lie in the yellow pages of the American phone book…..And a Rooster really can lay an egg……All fictional bullshit set aside PEOPLE .Im not who you think I am.Im a simply girl worked dam hard my whole life to provide for my family,its what my single mother who raised 3 children with no help taught me.Who payed her dues for 27 years at a steel mill in ohio….Who THE OWNER then F the workers ,my mom and hundreds of other lost everything.You know the trickery AMERICAN DREAM…..well my home and my grandchildrens home wasn’t underwater.and I didn’t borrow something I could not pay back.I am a truth speaker IM defending the American familys and there children.The clouded titles in every country records are REAL. I didnt mess anything up .The way we have recorded REAL PROPERTY /dowerys/family generation land/ book/vol/wet copy……for 1000 of generation has been destroyed.Im hear to stand up and say that the tax paying layman didn’t do anything.and for those who did destroy the American childrens homes there safe place.Shame on you.I THINK there are some people out there that need to have A COMING TO JESUS meeting……START by telling yourself the truth and stop blaming the home owners on your bad chooses.Stop thinking about yourself.
    My mother didn’t teach me to lie .steal and to use trickery to take things that are not mine or to hurt and destoy familys and there children..I can tell a true story Freedom of speech in America is gone….This is our history our children and grandchildens life.WILL you stand up and protect are children?Or will you look the other way because of fear?ORwill you let greed destroy our children?

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