Vista, CA is feeling the Bern at Sunday’s afternoon rally

Good report!

Justice League

Written by Biloxi

Disclosure: This is not to persuade any  Justice League readers in this political race. It is your right to exercise your vote on the candidate of your choosing. Get out and vote!

I decided to take a very long drive to San Diego this afternoon to attend Bernie Sanders rally for my own view of the rally since his rally is much talked about  in the media with the massive crowd by Sanders’ supporters. And all I can say is that there were alot of people at the rally and it took over close to 2 hours for the long line of people to enter the rally. While I was in line, I did talk to alot of milleniums in line ( and there were a lot young people attending the rally). They are not as dumb as the media make them appear to be. Some of…

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