Trump’s Finance Chair Made Billions Off The 2008 Financial Crash

Dumb, Dumb Donald. He could have gone all the way – and he blew it. And what’s so sad – the pundits don’t get it …yet. The Presidential election is Goldman Sachs vs. Goldman Sachs…. Goldman Sachs just doesn’t want to leave the White House.

Justice League

International Business Times:

Days after Trump’s decisive primary win in Indiana, his campaign indicated that it was growing. Team Trump has added a finance chair: Steven Mnuchin, the founder of a private equity firm that received a government-funded jackpot after the 2008 housing collapse.

Mnuchin, a former partner at Goldman Sachs, heads up Dune Capital. The investment firm put together a holding company in 2008  — attracting investors like J.C. Flowers, a George Soros investment fund and Paulson & Co. — that then bought up $32 billion worth of IndyMac bank assets for the cut-rate price of $13.9 billion. Renaming the bank OneWest, Mnuchin’s consortium invested $1.3 billion and got the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to assume responsibility for the majority of future losses. The FDIC lost an estimated $8.5 billion to $9.4 billion in the deal — while the holding company made money with the taxpayer-subsidized set-up.

“Steven is a professional at…

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1 thought on “Trump’s Finance Chair Made Billions Off The 2008 Financial Crash

  1. Yup, Goldman vs. Goldman.. Wall St. vs. Wall St. It’s pitiful. Like I said, this will be a very nasty and ugly race and lots of CPAC and dark money donors airing Presidential attack ads. I am certainly leaning more on write in candidate in November. I will vote with my conscience.

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