Trump Picks Former Goldman Sachs Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

Bad Move Donald. VERY Bad Move!

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In an oddly ironic twist, today Donald Trump announced that he has picked as chairman of his newly launched fundraising operation none other than a former employee of the bank he has repeatedly criticized in the past, and which he used as a foil to criticize Ted Cruz: Goldman Sachs.

Trump announced that heading up his own personal fundraising operation as national finance chairman will be Steven Mnuchin, a long-time business associate, chairman and CEO of the hedge fund Dune Capital. More importantly, however, he spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs where he was most recently a Partner, having built a fortung of $46 million before launching his own hedge fund.

While employed at Goldman, he purchased the remains of IndyMac Bank (now known as OneWest Bank), the Pasadena, California-based mortgage lender that collapsed in 2008. “Notoriously press-shy, the executive endured 2011 protests on the lawn of his Bel…

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4 thoughts on “Trump Picks Former Goldman Sachs Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

  1. Get the popcorn for this election. lol! Trump criticized Cruz for Cruz’s wife being employed by Goldman and not reporting the Goldman loans to FEC and criticized Clinton for her paid speeches for Wall Street and Goldman. And now he is now finance chairman worked for Goldman. lol! Priceless.

    • It was bad enough he was GS partner, but when his part in the Sen. Schumer take down of IndyMac for his friends was added like a jewel in his resume – it actually put a nail in his coffin for Trump. How many IndyMac homeowners do you think got shafted in that sweetheart deal? When I read Mike Perry’s NotTooBigToFail blog and researched the IndyMac 10K filings – I realized that IndyMac could have survived with the Bailout. They needed it a lot less help than the big boys. Then I got pissed because I was an IndyMac homeowner. I loved the IndyMac bank…and Chuck Schumer ruined a very good company, eliminated a lot of jobs and killed a bunch of homeowners – just to shower million$ on his friends. And anybody connected to the IndyMac deal smells worse than five day old fish. Dumb, Dumb Trump. Ya had me until the Goldman Sachs connection and the IndyMac addition might as well have him trolling for sharks.

      • I was never into Trump. Trump has fooled alot of people into thinking that he is a serious candidate that want to change this country. Just listen to Trump, Clinton, and Sanders on what they say on the issues that matter in this country on a daily basis. And to add insult to injury, Trump tweeted a pic of him eating a taco bowl on Cinco De Mayo day and said “I love Hispanics” while yesterday, he gave an interview on NBC News that he will deport the illegal immigrants. We have 6 months until the election. And there will be much more contraversy. And I remember Indymac and I remember seeing the long line of people trying to withdraw their money from Indymac when FDIC seized the bank.

  2. It was a matter of time . . . you can’t have an office on-near Wall Street and not support your ‘hood’ neighbors and pals . . . did Americans honestly think Trump would ditch his hood for the poor side of the tracks – hardly. Goldman Sachs – there was probably a plan the whole time to have Cruz as part of his ‘pack’ – perfect storm – Cruz drops then Trump brings him back in . . . Something was not Kosher with Cruz’s sudden drop out.

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