Journalists will not share Panama Papers with Justice Department

Maybe it’s about time we stop government officials from suppressing information.

Justice League

The media group that coordinated the Panama Papers investigation into offshore companies said on Thursday it would not participate in a criminal probe by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, wrote to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists seeking additional information from the group to aid his investigation into tax avoidance claims, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

The group on Thursday told prosecutors in Bharara’s office that it would not release unpublished data to them.

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1 thought on “Journalists will not share Panama Papers with Justice Department

  1. The absolute undeniable denial of ALL civil rights, ALL constitutional rights, ALL human rights, Life and Liberty with NO protection of the law, NO due process or procedure; AND deliberate judicial actions without hearings or evidence to further create chaos and which sabotage my case and attempt to prevent me from addressing the matters.

    Using every available resource, the Montgomery County District Attorney and the entire Montgomery County judiciary have terrorized my life for ten (10) years, stolen everything I own, compromised my liberty and freedom, and threaten to continue with unrelenting and aggressive malice.

    The issues I have faced for the last 10 years and which I am currently facing require the attention of the Governor, Attorney General and the General Assembly.

    This includes all Senators and Representatives, not just Senator Chuck McIlhinney and Representatives Kathy Watson, Marguerite Quinn and Todd Stephens. I have met with them and others to inform them of the Constitutional problem I have encountered and which has become inescapable. Senator Greenleaf has neglected the matter for 10 years.

    It is my case which has also ensnared Attorney General Kathleen Kane. AG Kane is fully aware of the matter, BUT SHE HAS BEEN ORDERED BY ‘SECRET ORDERS FROM UNIDENTIFIED COURTS’ to personally neglect the responsibilities of her office. The OAG has failed to act where required on every Appeal without explanation. Rule 721 Notice of Challenge to the Constitutionality of a law. There are three pending currently.

    The essential problem. The bad law was enacted by the Supreme Court. Because the law mandates Confidentiality and Non-disclosure where the integrity of the courts are concerned… The Supreme Court cannot undo their IMPROPER act. IMPROPER because Article 5 Section 10c only gives rulemaking authority when the rule does not affect CONSTITUTIONAL rights.

    The ‘bad law’ is the Confidentiality law. It is preventing its own removal.

    The General Assembly has the only authority to suspend a law. It is necessary that they suspend the law, so the courts can be rectified.

    My case is the undiscussed part of the Montgomery County efforts against the Attorney General.

    I have been living without any protection of the law and without any Constitutional rights since 2007. The judiciary cannot correct their own injustice. As such, it continues. As I persevere and try to survive, Montgomery County has been aggressive towards my lawful and legal efforts. All explained on

    The current false charges haven’t followed any law OR procedure. All Constitutional rights have been ignored. The latest being the right to a speedy trial. This has happened at the point where without hearings I have been forced to have a Public Defender. There was no hearing or evidence regarding that decision. But, with an attorney, I can also no longer file statements with the court to assert my rights and expose the wrongdoing. The courts have attempted to now take my voice.

    I understand that no one wants to believe that an American in Pennsylvania can be denied their rights and left without recourse. I assure you this is NOT my imagination. The failure of government leaders to respond demonstrates that this improperly enacted Confidentiality law undermines the government and the US Constitution.

    A lawyer has likely told you to ignore it with no further explanation. They are protecting the American Bar Association who presented their unethical and unconstitutional Model Rules gradually to each state, 1983 to 2009. The ABA effort was intentional, informed and deliberate treason. Making it illegal for lawyers to disclose ‘what broke’ has been effectively undermining the law and Constitution for over 30 years.

    Attorney General Kane cannot speak until her hearing. By law she may expose the improper law in a courtroom when defending herself. BUT NOT BEFORE. So MontCo has delayed her hearing to the very last possible date August 8.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to explain the issue and answer any questions. Every statement I make is fact and I have the supporting documentation to demonstrate everything.

    A meeting would be appreciated.

    The courts can be fixed… By removing one bad law. All the other laws work. The laws are simply being ignored and actions unexplained because of an inappropriate Confidentiality law which even prevents the lawyers and courts from indicting the problem with Confidentiality is confidential.

    Thank you,

    Terance Healy

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