New York Daily News editorial board should have given the same questions to the 3 Presidential candidates interviews

Just goes to show you Hillary is out of touch or hiding under a rock. Kasich is a lost cause …and again, where is Trump? The media s dodging the fateful Wall Street interrogation.

Justice League

New York Daily News editorial board interviewed Clinton, Kasich, and Sanders. Interesting questions but different responses in regarding to Wall Street reform and why there are no prosecutions from DOJ to bank execs. Kasich, who was interviewed on 4/7/16 was not asked any questions on Wall Street. Here is the link to Kasich’s interview:


Here is snippet from Sanders’ interview on April 1:

Daily News: Okay. Staying with Wall Street, you’ve pointed out, that “not one major Wall Street executive has been prosecuted for causing the near collapse of our entire economy.” Why was that? Why did that happen? Why was there no prosecution?

Sanders: I would suspect that the answer that some would give you is that while what they did was horrific, and greedy and had a huge impact on our economy, that some suggest that…that those activities were…

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1 thought on “New York Daily News editorial board should have given the same questions to the 3 Presidential candidates interviews

  1. And New York Post endorse Donald Trump as President. This Presidential race is getting whacker and whacker. I didn’t watch last night’s debate between Clinton and Sanders but I read the transcript of the debate last night and it was pretty heated. It is really up to the voters in NY on who they want as President. The media can give all the opinions, positive and negative, about Sanders and Clinton, but it all comes down to the voters. Both candidates had some strengths and weakness n their answers on issues. But, what got me is the hostility with Clinton on why she won’t release her Wall Street speeches with Goldman Sachs. And I caught an article where NY Governor Cuomo, who is supporting Clinton, praising her on her stance on Wall Street reform. And this is coming from a man who is in bed with big corporations and Wall Street. The Presidential race from both sides are not over and people need to pay attention to the issues that matter and go out and vote. I just learned in New York that those that are independents will have a hard time to vote in that state because you have to register for the Democratic or Republican party to vote for that candidate. Real sad. Thank goodness I don’t have to do that.

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