‘I have a conscience’: the Wall Streeters fighting for Bernie Sanders in New York

It’s surprising “Frank” would even appear in public because for notorious banksters that’s probably very dangerous. Maybe we need more head shots posted of prominent banksters so the public could easily recognize them. He probably didn’t announce to anyone he was from Wall Street while he was in Iowa – because farmers still feel the sting from the 1970s farm crisis. Bankers for Bernie hurts more than it helps.

Now, this may sound crazy – I wish Trump would address (or the media would have the balls to ask him) what he would do with the TBTF. I think the media is afraid to ask him because if he takes a really strong stand against Wall Street it would seal the deal for him to be President.

Have you noticed that no one has ever asks him? It’s like they all are told to stand down from addressing Wall Street with Trump. Reminds me of the military advance planes during 9/11 – they were told to stand down… And finally at the eleventh and half hour instead of sending up planes from Andrews – Cheney apparently sent the planes from Norfolk, VA – too late to even get there.

As an old pilot – you veer off course and you either respond immediately or advance planes will be on your wings in a matter of minutes. Look at all the footage and read the tower and Norrad transcripts… No military planes anywhere in site – they were told to circle over Long Island.

Asking Trump about Wall Street is like a media stand down.

Justice League

The financial industry looms large in the coming primary – and some bankers say they’ll push for the Vermont senator even if his policies could hurt their careers.

A few months ago, Democratic party leaders attended a meeting in New Yorkwith some of the titans of Wall Street, among them heads of brand-name hedge funds and top private equity firms. The gathering was billed not as the usual high-dollar fundraiser but as a bridge-building exercise in which powerful financiers could vent their opinions privately to Democratic bosses.

Two US senators who formed part of the Democratic delegation kicked off the meeting by inviting the financiers to air their concerns about party policy. One of the big name Wall Street figures stood up, proclaimed grandly that he was speaking on behalf of every financial person in the room, and then slammed into the Democratic lawmakers for having had the audacity…

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2 thoughts on “‘I have a conscience’: the Wall Streeters fighting for Bernie Sanders in New York

  1. Ask Trump why he doesn’t give his stance on Wall Street reform on his campaign website. Here is what Trump’s positions:


    Trump was asked on some of the debates (one of the debates was CNBC) that I watched on his stance on Wall Street. He did attack hedge funds and talked about changing Dodd-Frank bill but didn’t give much specifics. He doesn’t talk about a reform on Wall Street but more about how China will pay for a wall in this country and kicking out immigrants and monitoring muslims in this country. It is true that reporters are pressing more questions to Trump about Wall Street reform but they are not pressing questions to Cruz or to Kasich either. More questions have asked to Clinton and Sanders because they are the ones that are talking more about Wall Street. My question would be who will be Trump’s economic advisers and are those economic advisers are going to be connected to his company or foundation.

    • Excellent! Now, if someone would just concentrate on those issues instead of playing gottcha games like Chris Matthews did – the American public would be better informed and the pundits would be doing their job.

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