Regulation Alone Will Not Change Bad Behavior on Wall St.

The problem is that regulation alone will not change the bad behavior that occasionally breaks out into the open on Wall Street and often leads to disasters on Main Street.

Justice League

Perhaps trying to burnish his legacy on financial reform, President Obama has recently trumpeted his signature steps to transform Wall Street in the years since the financial crisis that confronted him as he began his term eight years ago.

But there are reasons to doubt that his efforts will have the profound effect he hopes they will.

After a March 7 meeting at the White House with the top Wall Street regulators, including Janet L. Yellen, the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Obama praised the Dodd-Frank reform law, the Volcker Rule that seeks to prevent proprietary trading and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is intended to make the world as safe from bad mortgages as it is from bad toasters.

“I want to emphasize this because it is popular in the media, in political discourse — both on the left and the right — to…

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1 thought on “Regulation Alone Will Not Change Bad Behavior on Wall St.

  1. Tulga Demir Ripoff

    Tulga Demir programs are the worst investments imaginable. Every investor or old friends that became involved with this man shares the same feelings that his companies are a complete scam.

    There are more than 20 claims from his ex business partners in Miami and Kentucky of embezzlement of funds from their companies they jointly owned.
    None of the investors have any idea what the status of their investments are or where their money went. The company has no employees. He has no employees to manage wells and oil exploration. and it is mismanaged by contractors that give him kickbacks on business… Tulga Demir pretends to be a very significant investor in every program to convince investors to trust the success of the investments – its not true –
    He also shows false oil production reports and false checks.

    Don’t beleive the You Tube videos Striking Oil although that wells in the videos produced some oil and that was the biggest success Tulga Demir has ever had, it was actually a huge failure. That wells have been abandoned for many months and did not produce for very long at all. Investors received very little of their investment funds back on that ones and will never see more money.

    Tulga Demir pissed away roughly $7,000,000 of investor funds drilling few holes most of them not producing oil or very little… Very different from his false backgroud performances and projections… However Mr Demir wired a lot fo money to his bank accounts from the investment partnership accounts and kept all that funds for personal expenses…

    Tulga Demir claims investors will only pay to complete drilled wells that will be viable oil producers. Tulga Demir even refers to drilling funds as “risk capital” and indicated well completion funds are not. It’s not true – his company made a huge profit on the completion funds and he completed nearly all the wells and nearly all turned out to be failures “dry holes” or very low producers.

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