HSBC loses latest bid to redact money-laundering report

Excellent! May the truth begin!

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HSBC is hosed…

HSBC has lost its latest bid to keep some portions ofa potentially explosive report about its anti-money-laundering efforts from being made public.

A Brooklyn federal judge nixed many of the UK bank giant’s requests to black out parts of the 250-page report produced by an outside monitor in the wake of HSBC’s $1.9 billion settlement with the Department of Justice.

Judge John Gleeson — who has already rejected requests from the Justice Department and HSBC to keep the January 2015 report sealed — said many of HSBC’s proposed redactions were “over-inclusive.”

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1 thought on “HSBC loses latest bid to redact money-laundering report

  1. You know what HSBC stands for, right? H for Hongkong, S for Shanghai, B for Banking & C for Corporation — the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp., Ltd., founded by the Brits in 1866. (See, e.g.,

    Nothing that organization has done or does now would surprise me! Why would British bankers set up shop in China 150 years ago? Finance the trade in silk? Maybe — how ’bout opium? Great place to stash profits from many different illicit activities?

    Of course HSBC is global now, but you’d never convince me that it hasn’t always been involved in “money laundering” & other nefarious schemes!
    ~ ~ ~

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