2016 Five Star Housing Government Forum – Homeowners Uninvited?

By Deby Morrow and Sydney Sullivan

2016 Five Star forum2016 Five Star Institute’s “Housing Government” Forum in Washington, DC Without a Single “Housing” Representative (i.e., a homeowner) in Attendance. Whoa, Congress – right under your nose!

The forum is a daylong event where leaders in both servicing and federal government come together to engage in honest and open dialogue about the industry’s most pressing issues and challenges affecting both your business and the entire housing economy… Without a single homeowner representative on the Agenda.


The seventh annual Five Star Government Forum is an exclusive, day-long engagement where leaders in both servicing and government come together to engage in honest and open dialogue about the industry’s most pressing issues and challenges affecting both your business and the entire housing economy.

At the 2016 Five Star Government Forum, attendees will take a more hands on approach to legislation and to dealing with regulation. All topics and discussion points deal with the immediate and lasting impact, on a house-by-house basis for all American homeowners.

In recent years, we have experienced positive gains in the housing market, but at the same time, we are seeing an onslaught of regulations and compliance issues that could tamper the housing recovery if not implemented in a reasonable and responsible manner.

The influence of this elite group of decision-makers will play a large role in shaping the landscape of American housing and, ultimately, the American economy.”

common groundOne of the Homeowners SuperPAC directors for the East Coast called The Five Star Institute and inquired if there were any delegated representatives of actual ‘homeowners’ invited or even attending this so-called “Government Forum” and the response was “No”. They [homeowner] could, of course, purchase a ticket and attend . . . Maybe we all should??? Wouldn’t that be an interesting surprise?!

MERS CAPITALWhen pressed about if they [Five Star] felt it was important to have a mouthpiece for the American homeowner whose ‘government’ was attending – Five Star was totally indifferent to the notion, as if the attendance by a ‘homeowner’ was meaningless and banal – what would be the point . . . in essence what would they [homeowners] possibly have to say or contribute to the forum?

Well, how about their contribution to the forum? Could and should it be the centerpiece of the forum – especially, given this lingering depression in our economy? Since it was our collateral that is literally funding events like these – should we not be there, too?!

When asked approximately how many attended the last forum by Five Star they stated about 250 which means $450-$500 per attendee is plus or minus >$100,000.00 this entity made off the plight of the housing crisis and look who the ‘sponsors’ are:  MERS, Safeguard, Clayton, those that benefit from homeowner’s losing their housing – if the ‘government’ is to appear then the ‘governed’ need to be present as well – BECAUSE it is our collateral that is being bandied about.

Otherwise, to allow these entities to gain financially – again – at the expense of homeowners with the ticket entry wherein government entities likes FHA, Ginnie Mae, etc. are attending to discuss the plight of those who are not in attendance and not represented is appalling to say the least.  Before our government can or should attend these so-called forums which do nothing but advance the circumstances of those responsible for the homeowners plight (sort of like holding a conference on how to bury live bodies and make money without the public catching on) . . . our government entities should not participate in these financially gainful forums unless equally represented by those who do now and will continue to be victimized by those holding, speaking to and attending the forum. To name just a few:

Forum Speakers

You have to read each of the speakers’ bio descriptions. No, really – if there was any doubt the mortgage industry was structured for the purpose of default and foreclosure – rest assured it appears it still is…These speakers do not and cannot speak for us; we can and need to be speaking up for ourselves. These brutal governmental-like agencies do not speak for us – they are in bed with (if not the makers of) the overall scheme to deprive homeowners. Our interests need to be heard because it doesn’t appear they are being protected at this forum. Securitization is a wild, out of control roller-coaster ride that needs to be shut down for repairs and a complete overhaul.

Those attending on behalf of the ‘government’ should first require a fair and impartial representation by those who are the subject of the forum itself – the homeowners.These speakers should be demanding homeowner representation, but they don’t want us there. We are a thorn in their sides – we fight the foreclosures, costing them money, and tell the courts the truth about their corrupt scheme. Wouldn’t it be interesting to meet some of these folks face-to-face? Maybe check ’em out for a deposition?

FFbeeler050710Andrew Bon Salle, for example, “is Fannie Mae’s Executive Vice President – Single-Family Business, which is a leading source of liquidity in the U.S. residential housing market. Reporting to the President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bon Salle is responsible for all aspects of the Single-Family business, including engagement with Single-Family customers, managing the performance of the credit portfolio, and overseeing all Single-Family capital markets activities.” Someone needs to tell Bon Salle that mortgages were not intended to be “liquid.” Liquidity, in the sense that Bon Salle appears to be viewing it, is like-kind to foreclosure, churn and burn – how else would the mortgage performance of a “credit portfolio” [investor] be liquid??? Take away the terminology of “liquidity” and replace it with “long term investment” and see how many investors jump ship because its not risky enough. And who keeps it risky? ‘No, you can’t have a modification, after we told you to stop making payments in order to apply for HAMP, because the rating agency said the investor securitized trust has filled all of its modification slots.’ Yeah, sure.

This image is showing the forum sponsors . . . MERS and pals… What a clandestine group of players, yeah? Forum sponsors color

Wanna go?




5 thoughts on “2016 Five Star Housing Government Forum – Homeowners Uninvited?

  1. All of the world’s largest thefts and the world’s most devastating natural and unnatural disasters together – pale in comparison to the Wall Street Housing-heist, Taxpayer and Pension-pilferage of the 21st Century. Over 100 million properties (affecting 100 million families = over 300 million people) were sucked into the vacuum of securitization that suckered TRILLION$ of dollars of pension and retirement funds into risky investment gambling and TRILLION$ MORE out of the taxpayers to bailout the banks that created the scheme and caused destruction. It is so HUGE that it becomes too big to fathom the amount of devastation the corruption has caused.

    And yet on March 31, 2016, this clandestine group will hold a forum to discuss and perpetuate the largest and most devastating financial heist in the world. Go figure.

  2. Let’s get a ticket for Bernie to attend! I’d love to boycott this event in a peaceful manner of course – where all the parties that are instrumental to the mess are under one roof!

  3. PS: Went to register but no categories for ‘homeowners’ . . .

    Government Official ($99.95)
    Lender/Servicer ($99.95)
    Service Provider ($495.00)
    Legal League 100 ($395.00)
    National Appraisal Congress ($395.00)

  4. ” . . The closing keynote speaker was President Bill Clinton, . . ” really as in Hillary?

    Just did some research on who is behind this group “Five Star” which stands for Texas – and guess what – the Bush family and Clintons are both supporters and speakers at these default entity forums and conferences . . . Legal League 100 in concert with the Five Star Institute – http://thefivestar.com/network-groups our former presidents are behind the entire force that has thrown millions of homeowners out onto the streets . . . Deadly Clear – I think you need to do a serious expose on this group and its minions! Both Bush family and Clintons support this organization and those behind throwing people out of their homes – which includes Hillary – do we want a president who is behind massive devastation to millions of Americans? Clinton took money from a default servicing outfit – who made money on a family being kicked out of their shelter . . . no way is Hillary getting my vote.

    Taken from an article of a recent Five Star Forum:

    “. . . Following the special guest appearance by Matalin and Carville was a joint conversation with President George W. Bush and the former First Lady Laura Bush.

    Ed Delgado interviewed the power couple, who answered tough questions on the state of dirty politics, their thoughts on running any political campaigns in the future (Mrs. Bush said no), the ever-present housing crisis and whether or not home ownership is still a part of the American Dream, and their humanitarian and educational efforts. When asked if she planned to pen another book in the future, Mrs. Bush acknowledged that she would like to, much to George’s chagrin.

    This year, the Five Star Institute made a great effort to really get the conversations started on tough topics in the mortgage servicing industry by introducing the debate-style round-table session. Sessions throughout the conference included discussions on the state of Fannie Mae led by Todd Barton, vice president and deputy general counsel of Fannie Mae, which proved to be especially helpful and informative. Conversations on how the industry has adjusted in the wake of “robo-signing,” and how new regulations are changing business were also held. The exhibit hall was filled with vendors who offered a variety of services and products helpful to those in the industry.

    Wrapping up the conference was an artistic slideshow highlighting the “firsts” of presidents passed, followed by a high-energy and exciting band that included a special drum performance at its conclusion.

    The closing keynote speaker was President Bill Clinton,

    who offered great insight in his speech “Embracing Our Common Humanity,” which focused on improving the state of the nation through uniting, creating a plan, and working together to put it into action. He discussed the US economy and included ideas for finding a way to work through the debt. Also included in the speech, President Clinton highlighted the humanitarian efforts that the Clinton Foundation has made. He talked about the contributions he has made individually after his presidency and what it meant to be a public servant. Following his speech, Clinton sat down for a more personal conversation, answering questions from Todd Mobraten of Res.Net.

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