Hillary Clinton Again Declines to Disclose What She Told Big Banks in Her Paid Speeches


Justice League

The guy in the audience said it was a matter of trust. “Please just release those transcripts so we know exactly where you stand,” he said.

But Hillary Clinton wasn’t going there. At the MSNBC town hall with the Democratic presidential candidates on Thursday evening in Las Vegas, Clinton once again refused to release transcripts or recordings of the secret speeches she was paid millions of dollars to make to Wall Street banks.

Clinton literally laughed off the question when we first asked her in January. Several days later, when Chuck Todd asked her during an MSNBC debate in New Hampshire, she said she would “look into it.”

Shortly thereafter, however, Clinton had a new talking point, which is the one she used again on Thursday night, in response to a question from a self-identified Bernie Sanders supporter in the audience — a realtor named Joe Sacco

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