“The most significant factor in the decline of the traditional residential mortgage model has been the development and evolution of the secondary mortgage market. A secondary market is created when the initial lender sells the mortgage loan to outside investors. Doing so provides local lenders with greater liquidity, which facilitates additional home buying, and also allows large outside investors to pool—and thus to minimize—the risk that any particular loan will go into default. Although the modern secondary mortgage market had its genesis in the creation of the Federal Housing Authority and associated government sponsored financing corporations such as Fannie Mae in the 1930s, it expanded dramatically in the 1980s with the advent of new types of mortgage backed securities for sale in the private equity markets.”

Do we have an admission here that NTMs exist? The current laws only address traditional mortgages. NTMs compared to traditional mortgages are Apples to Oranges, although they are both fruit they have different structures.

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