Chicago Teachers Union targets Bank of America as contract battle continues

Wake up Chicago – pension deficits are likely never going to be recovered. We are headed for a crash – note the current rocky manipulated stock market flying like a distressed airplane trying to unload gas before a crash landing…BofA at $13.03 today – lower than the rougher days in 2009 when it started a dive in March 2009 at $13.48 and plunged to $4.00.

We know it’s rigged. We know there are serious pension fund deficits in nearly every state that will never be recovered and we know there are delusional government employees (judges included) that think they are protecting America from a total collapse by allowing banks to foreclose in order to keep the delusional liquidity rolling.

Welcome to the world with the rest of us that lost their retirement savings and investments in 2008. We’re a larger group and we can show you how to prepare and survive.

Justice League


CHICAGO — The Chicago Teachers Union closes accounts at the main Bank of America in the Loop on Wednesday. The union claims it’s an institution that’s adding to the budget crisis.

This is the latest move as the union and CPS battle over a new contract.

The union had more than $700,000 in the Bank of America at 135 S. LaSalle. It’s protesting against the bank’s so-called toxic interest rate swap deals with CPS.

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