China’s Stock Traders Go Home After 29 Minutes: Chart

From Bix Weir:

Everything…and I mean EVERYTHING is falling apart as I write this. China’s stock market was just halted after it dropped 7%..and it didn’t reopen. Maybe tomorrow.

In Europe the immigration problem is getting down right militant after close to 100 “Middle Eastern” immigrants went on a bizarre rampage sexually molesting and robbing a crowd of women at a festival on NYE. It is so bizarre that I was finding it hard to believe it could get stranger until the female Mayor of the city of Cologne, Germany just instructed women to “learn to stay in groups and stay at least arms reach from immigrant men that you do not know.” Yes, it could get stranger! The Germans have been pushed to the brink and are now busting at the seams to release the anger. Stay indoors if you live anywhere near a country that has opened it’s borders to anyone and everyone looking for someplace better.

In the USA there is a militia that has taken over a Federal Wildlife Reserve in Oregon. They are armed and ready to defend their position if the “authorities” try to kick them out. More Wild, Wild West drama just like Bundy Ranch where the militia won the day! Remember? Just listen to Andrew Napolitano explain the government overreach. (FYI – Judge Napolitano is on the Good Guys short list to serve as the new Attorney Genreral of the US after the Bad Guys are taken out 🙂

There is revolution in the air all over the world my friends and it will spread to the US the moment that the official market rigging mechanism lets the Dow drop more than 2%. They have have already started the process with a slow decline over the past few days but I expect it to accelerate to -5% then -10% per day. All the way down below 5,000 before it begins to level out…that’s if the system stays in place.

In China, the system is feeling the effects of the deflation of an over inflated stock market. In the USA we are not permitted to feel that kind of pain. Not since the 1970’s when the official computer driven market manipulation began. The past 40 years has been a mirage but we are about to be woken up from a long slumber.

It is ALL happening now and will only get worse.

Hold tight to your silver, your gold and your bitcoin as they will be the only monetary instruments that will survive a TOTAL meltdown.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Justice League

china stock


China’s stock exchanges closed at 9:59 a.m. local time, just 29 minutes after markets opened, as the CSI 300 Index fell more than 7 percent. Trading was halted for half that time after a 5 percent drop triggered an earlier suspension. China’s markets are normally open from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a 90 minute break in the middle.

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