There is no Santa Claus

Maybe part of the reason that the DOW and the Nasdaq started the year down this much – a decline not seen in a New Year in over 80 years has something to do with the truth permeating the movie screens.

While reading THE FRATERNITY: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion as told by Justice John F. Molloy, I have begun to realize the powerful influence driven by this sector of the government and how it negatively affects the average citizens and manipulates the other branches – local and federal.

This morning’s LA TIMES headlines California’s right to ask its citizens if they want Citizen’s United overturned… maybe the tide will turn with the help of those more concerned about morality and integrity than the delusion of hefty bank accounts. One can only hope. Happy New Year.

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The article in the above link pretty much says it all. It highlights two movies — The Big Short and 99 Lives — to show the proliferation of scams that enabled the government and the banks to make it appear that there was government intervention. Like securitization, servicing, and trusteeship of fake trusts, it was and remains a complete illusion.

The bitter truth is that the Banks intentionally convoluted their scheme such that it would take intensive study, experience, training and knowledge to even pierce the first layer of their bogus scheme based mostly on a conventional Ponzi Scheme. Practically nobody in government, law enforcement or anyone else was willing to invest the time and energy. I am currently writing my own book designed to help people understand but more importantly what they can do about their situation when some stranger comes to evict them from their home.

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1 thought on “There is no Santa Claus

  1. Garfield’s lead comment in his last paragraph, “What they say is mostly true but it isn’t evidence …”

    Judges in foreclosure cases don’t typically allow evidence to get in the way of their predetermined rulings. They rule the way they want (facts, evidence, and rules, be damned) with attitudes of:
    1) Mr/Mrs homeowner, if you don’t like my ruling take it up on appeal [if you can afford it].
    2) You want me to rule for you? Try and make me. I double dog dare you.
    3) I can get away with whatever you can’t stop me from doing.

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