Paatalo Article Reveals Exact Money Trail and the Absence of Phantom/Pretender Lenders

What attorneys and judges need to recognize is that securitization begins with the Fannie patented 1003 loan application. Collateral was solicited and procured to fill pre-existing contracts and agreements that the banks already had in place and operating BEFORE the borrower signed the faux mortgage and note documents.

The homeowner unwittingly participated in a securities transaction. Without his collateral the entire transaction could never have been completed.

The incredible people that found the patents in the last decade knew that the securitization system was pre-existing BEFORE signatures ever hit the page.

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Wells Fargo Article: “The thing most borrowers fail to realize about conduit loans is that once the loan has been securitized they are not working with a “lender” anymore.”

[Editor’s Note: And they never were dealing with a “lender.” Wells Fargo glosses over the fact that without the money and the loans going into the trust, the loan was not securitized, they destroyed the security, the Trust is nothing in the eyes of the law, and they made it virtually impossible for investors to know how to collect their money when the servicer chooses to stop making payments to the investors.

But what is clear is that in  virtually all cases Wells Fargo admits that as Master Servicer they are causing payments to be made at least 3-4 months after the borrower stops paying the servicer.]

see Wells Fargo Document – No Lender…

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