Bill Clinton Defends Hillary’s Wall Street Ties

Somebody needs to tell Bill Clinton that his repeal of Glass Steagall sucked over 100 million families into the Wall Street mortgage corruption scheme. We’re a long way from fixing the damage he caused.

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Sorry Bill, but Hillary’s donations from Wall Street and her plan for Wall Street as President is very questionable. Both political parties have right to question and challenge Hillary. Bernie and Martin should not get her pass because they are all from the same party. And that goes for any issues. All Presidential candidates from both parties should challenge one another on issues that matters in this country.  And her stance of not wanting to reinstate Glass-Steagall bill, the same bill that Bill Clinton repealed, is not helping Hillary to win voters over that she is a trustworthy President that will go after Wall Street execs on their financial crimes…


Former President Bill Clinton insisted Sunday that his wife doesn’t deserve to be attacked by her fellow Democratic candidates for her relationship with Wall Street as opponents on both sides of the aisle jump to attack her defense those ties.


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1 thought on “Bill Clinton Defends Hillary’s Wall Street Ties

  1. No, Hilary does not get a pass concerning her Wall Street connections. For the millions of homeowners who have had their credit ruined, and the millions who had to run down to their local courthouses to try to stop illegal foreclosure actions on their homes, I say ” NO HILARY 2016″. There is no remorse or accountability of the great devastation and sorrow that had befallen on to the millions of homeowners due to the deregulation of Glass-Steagall.
    To Hilary and Bill Clinton I say, “Just Go Away”/

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