REMIC Trustee Must Sign Tax Return Form 1066

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This could get interesting. It’s complicated but it looks like the administration is closing in on the so-called REMIC Trusts. I personally doubt if anyone is going to be willing to sign the REMIC Tax Reports. The reason is simple: the REMIC Trusts never operated and never received any investments dollars or any startup funds. They exist only on paper. Writing a trust instrument does not create a trust. It is only when there is property transferred into the Trust that the Trust is created and becomes a legal entity.  The blizzard of paperwork, forged and fabricated assignments, endorsements, backdating, etc. was meant to distract judges from the truth. It worked — up until now.

If the Trustee has some fool robo-sign the Tax reports, it is subjecting the person and the Company (frequently US Bank) to multiple Federal criminal and civil liabilities. If they say the Trust did operate…

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