HAMP – The Modification Scam …and NOW SETTLEMENT SHAM!

Dear Hillary – Over 84 million families have been affected by the patented seamless automated computer program securitizing homeowners’ collateral without their knowledge. When you state “5 million” have lost their homes due to this financial collapse – you are way off base. Have your staff poll each state of their foreclosures since 2003 and you’ll find the figures are much, much higher.

Deadly Clear

By Shelley Erickson, January 18, 2013

HOC_slide01_01The contents in the synopsis of the Wall Street and the Financial Crisis: Anatomy of a Financial Collapse will bring you up to speed on how, why and what happened causing the recent crimes against the homeowners by the banks, S&P and our politicians that led us into the HAMP & MOD SCAM AND NOW SETTLEMENT SHAM.

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