STORM OF MONEY: Insider tells how some insurance companies rig the system – Post and Courier

And it’s all connected…

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I met Colossus when I worked as a personal injury paralegal. I became even better acquainted with this computer program after I set up the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) department at the law firm where I worked. Within a short period of time, I had figured out which keywords and CPT codes were accepted and which were rejected. However this did not guarantee that the claim would be paid. It was my job to wrangle with the insurance adjuster in the event that Colossus rejected a valid claim, which was often. I once drafted a complaint for 24 cents because the insurance adjuster was rude. Yep, 24 cents. The attorney who signed the complaint laughed but I was able to get $2,100 in attorney’s fees plus the 24 cents and our court costs from the insurance company before any court appearances.

Allstate always had a reputation of not settling claims…

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